First Birding Day in Ten Days

Finally felt well enough for a bird walk this morning--it's been ten days.  What a waste as I fly back to Southern California on the 20th.   I wondered if I haven't had a mild case of dengue fever, but Gene scoffs at the idea; something made me too weak to do almost anything. Anyway, went out today for a short walk and got another bird for the Barra List; and a lifer for me:  Thick-billed Flycatcher.
I was walking and glanced up to see a Kingbird with a very large black insect in its bill.  To me 'Kingbird' means Tropical Kingbird.  They are common everyday birds here, as they were in Panama. I put my bins down and was getting ready to scan where I heard some chatter when I realized that it wasn't only the bug that was big. The bill was big.  The bird was big. Several things weren't right.  I put the bins back up and the bird was still there.  Definitely not a Tropical Kingbird.  I remembered that there was something other than a Boat-billed Flycatcher with a big bill and figured this was it. When I got back to Peregrine, I got out the book and had a very easy ID.  Not the same for the female Hummer I found today.  I just can't make the call for Black-chinned or Ruby-throated.  I am leaning Black-chinned; I brightened and highlighted one of the shots that showed the wing tips, and they look blunted and rounded to me. Both birds are in range. I will post for help; I would like the Barra list to be accurate, Thank heavens I saw male Ruby-throateds on visits to the southeast US and have seen male Black-throated at our place in San Diego County.  If I hadn't seen males in their range, I'd still not have them on my life list!
Took a bunch of shots of the Thick-billed and they were all crappy.  I wanted to put one up, so I took the best of the worst and sharpened and highlighted. 
My Barra de Navidad list is near the top of the blog under 'Pages' for anyone who wants to see possibilities for the area.  I have not even taken a panga or dinghy trip to the end of the lagoon--that would be an interesting day.

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