Confusing Gnatcatchers

November 15, 2014

I have been seeing lots of Gnatcatchers every day.  I originally listed what I was seeing as Blue-grays because the head and face were so clear in the field.  I have not been too successful getting decent photos--these things are restless--but I did get a few blurry shots one evening and I noticed a dark line above the eye, indicating a Black-capped.  That's great because it is a lifer, but now I wonder if I am seeing both species or I have just made a bad call for the Blue-gray.  Sibley suggests they are best identified by voice, but I have not heard a peep (or szeewv or je-eeew) from any of them. I need to pay a bit more attention to these guys.

Edit:  Turns out this 'lifer' probably isn't.  I posted this blog entry on BirdForum and got this:
I will update as I continue to observe.

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