Another Two for the List

November 18, 2014
I think rather than keep posting additions, I will create a "Page" for the Barra list like the Hualtulco list--easier that way for everyone. I don't get the net on the boat too often and I haven't felt like hauling the computer to the lobby upstairs in the hotel, so I don't know when I will get that done.

Today I got a Masked Tityra and a Lesser Ground Cuckoo.  Haven't seen a Tityra since Panama and I love Lesser Ground-cuckoos so it was a good day even though I still have nothing definitive on the Gnatcatchers.  I had a great view of one that makes me fairly certain it was a Blue-gray because of the graduation on the undertail, but I would like to hear some sounds! I also got a mystery bird today.  A skulker with an eyebrow and a very loud call.  Hope to ID on the head and the call I taped--if not, I will be searching for yet another bird to finalize.
Four to nail down now:  The gnatcatchers, the possible Blue Mockingbird and the new mystery bird.  I be getting too old and slow for this.
Lesser Ground-cuckoo trying to hide its beauty in deep cover. He was making very loud snapping noises with his beak.

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