Chahue Bay, Hualtulco 2

Doesn't it look like the back feet are on the wrong legs?
February 19, 2014

We have been back since the 9th, but I haven't felt like blogging. The wifi signal is not reaching the boat and I don't want to haul the computer to the restaurant across the street. I feel tired and lazy these days and I'm going to indulge myself. Chahue is pretty and the livin' is easy; it may be awhile before we head out.

I could see this place turning into a Black Hole.  By that I mean a place that pulls you in and holds you far beyond the time you had intended to stay. We've hit a few Black Holes. I probably would stay here for a few years if:
1. We weren't only 350 nm away from finishing the circumnavigation.
2. The wifi signal consistently reached the boat.
3. The showers had hot water and were in an enclosed building.
The draw of the place is such that I think I could even overlook those minor issues though.  Maybe....
A few more birds:
Rufous-backed Thrush
Endemic to Western Mexico
Vermilion Flycatcher
Groove-billed Ani


  1. Sue we remember those wood peckers in Panama.
    We are back on Jacana cruising port phillip bay and tasmania while our bathroom toilet etc are being removated.
    Say hi to Gene

  2. Hi You Two,
    Very good to hear from you. Back cruising huh? I think when we get home it will be awhile before I set foot on the boat! A few trips to Catalina with pelagic birding along the way wouldn't be bad though, so I'll not say never. There are some gorgeous endemic Woodys here call Golden-cheeked. I haven't posted a photo yet because I haven't gotten one I'm happy with yet. Camera is wearing out too. I'll bet you're getting a few good birds on your trip. I'll email you.