Flickerings in the Sun

This sun drenched post is for Nick Morgan who is enveloped in the cold grey of an encroaching winter in Scotland.  Sorry I couldn't get more Nick--they were an uncooperative, hyper-active bunch today.
Nick's Blog:

 I have tentatively identified this as a Red-collared Firetip.
While I was vainly trying to get photos of the little blues and all sizes of whites and yellows, I noticed a tiny white thing flutter to the ground under the sparse shelter of dried brush and immediately become a statue when it hit.
I haven't even tried to ID it.
Gulf Fritillary
Some sort of Patch
EDIT on 11/30/13:
I am calling this a Rosita Patch because there is no black spot band on the hindwing. The Crimson Patch would have that.  Here is a link  for information on Crimson Patch comparison: 
Also, a link for more information on Rosita Patch:
Small Blue of some kind.
Just before leaving for Chiapas, I got to spend a half a day at my place in San Diego.  Here are three from there.
Below:  Checkered White
Painted Lady
There were over a dozen Painted Lady's in this Baccharis bush.


  1. Wow Sue, That Firetip is amazing. I have never seen anything like it before. Thank you for posting your butterfly pictures. It's great to see images from a sunny part of the world!

    1. It was good to get out. I need to tomorrow also. Today was spent cleaning and fighting mold. Well, OK, a bit of internetting, too. ;) Too much--didn't get half my chores done.

    2. Sue,
      I can't find any reference to your Patch. There seem to be very many but none of them seem to be your one! How about an Eastern Tailed Blue for your little blue?

    3. Hi Nick,
      I think you're right about the Blue, thanks! I went around and around on the patch--I think it's either a Crimson or Rosita. I have some blurry open wing shots and if I can stay connected to the net for long enough, I will try to research that. We only got re-connected yesterday after not having it for two weeks. I need to look again at the differences. It seems to me I decided it must be a Crimson, but I wasn't sure.

  2. Hi Nick,
    I have determined that the patch is a Rosita. I have editied the post accordingly. Thanks again for dropping in and for your ID assistance. Hope you are not frozen :).