Flycatchers in Nicaragua

April 28, 2013

I have had time to go through some of the photos of the trip from Panama to Chiapas,Mexico.  On my post about the Tropical Dry Forest at Puesta Del Sol in Nicaragua, I mentioned a few flycatchers I had not yet identified.  I finally did ID them and have updated the Bird List for that area:

The first was a Dusky-headed Flycatcher, but it threw me because it looked different to what I had seen in Panama. In Panama, the heads were very dark, and the yellow on the belly was obvious. Of course, I can't find my good photos of the Dusky-headed I had in Panama. I think they are on the broken hard drive.  I am kicking myself for my lack of note taking right now.  I am fairly certain that the images below are the same individual, but I can't swear to it, although they were taken within a few minutes of each other (registered on image).  The first image shows the lack of yellow on the bird.  The second says it's a Dusky-headed in spite of that.  I started thinking I must have misidentified the Panama birds. I pulled out my Ridgley/Gwynne and noticed the Dusky was called, Myiarchus tuberculifer brunniceps  the Nicaraguan is lawrencei.  Could the races be that different?
Below:  Brown-crested Flycatcher
The closest I could find for the Whiptail below was a Deppe's Whiptail.
Below: Spiny Lizard of some kind.


  1. Hi Sue,
    What an amazing trip you are having exploring all these countries and being able to spend time bird watching. I am very envious!! I enjoy reading the posts of what you have seen. I hope you enjoy Mexico.


    1. Hola Nick,
      Don't be too envious; it is very hot here and I am covered with mozzie and nosee'em bites and in spite of the fact I take two cold showers a day, I always stink. The birds are great though and the mole is fantastico. We are leaving Peregrine here for the hurricane season and heading home to California for six months.
      I really enjoyed the last post on your blog, it was so cheery. I love your dogs.