Some January 2013 Images in the Canal Area

I'm pretty sure this is a lindigii ssp. Many thanks to PaulK on Bird Forum for identifying the species for me.
Glorius Blue Skipper
Paches loxus
Seen on the Trogon Trail off Achiote Road
Dirce Beauty
Horrible shot, this one was high up on a tree and this was the best I could get.
Cute jumping spider of some kind. He was very shy and kept going around to the other side of the leaf when I tried to photograph him; I understand completely.
Beautiful big rainforest tree. I'm sorry I didn't have something to illustrate the size.
Beautiful small male Golden-collared Manakin. Taken on the bridge over Diablo Creek (just at the San Lorenzo Park entrance).
Glynn and I were walking on a truck trail and turned to see this Coati Mundi following in our wake.
It was a good thing I went with Gly for the last few birding days, she spotted all the butterflies on this page.
Long distance shot of a large reptile.  I was on the Pina side of the Charges, close to the dam and shot this guy looking at me from across the river.  Brought back a childhood storytime memory--(para-phrased big time) On the banks of the great, grey-green not very greasy, Charges, all set about with Gumbo-limbo trees.
Look at those snappers!  After being around the Salties in Oz, I am not too thrilled to run into members of this family even though they are not particular dangerous here.  It didn't help that when I turned to go, Glyn said, "OMG here it comes!" (also para-phrased :)) Glad I'm taking the ol' ticker medicine.


  1. Sue - Consider placing your binoculars in a pic to show relative size & scale. Yeah, I know, they range from tiny opera glasses up to mammoth 10x with 50 mm objective lenses, but you always have them when birding or "butterflying." - Dad

  2. Hi Dad,
    Good tip and I've done that before--actually thought of it in this instance, but there didn't seem to be a good place. I thought they might slide off and if I broke my Swarovskis, Santa might not bring me good birding stuff again. I could have used my bum bag though--next time I won't be too lazy to do the set up. Either one of them would look very tiny on that tree.
    Love You