San Lorenzo Road Closure

December 30, 2012

We are back from a six week visit home to California and although while in California I kept wishing we were already home for good and didn't have the last leg of our circumnavigation ahead of us, I was very happy to be back in Panama. I love this jungle and our simple life here. Instead of the twitching sailor I'm morphing into the schizo sailor--torn between the real world and never-neverland.

My friend Glyn and I have been out several times since I got back. While Gene and I were in California, the rainy season here created some havoc.  One victim of the rains was my much loved San Lorenzo road; it lost a section of about seventy yards to what appears to be a mud slide.  Glyn had written to me about the road being washed out and no longer passable, but I had no idea how bad it was and was astounded at the severity of the damage. I would guess the road stops about a kilometer after the park headquarters. People can no longer go to see the ruins of Fort San Lorenzo and I can no longer get to 'Slasher Lane' in the wee hours.  I could still go by bike or walk, but I could not get there early enough for the best chance at some of the birds I would like to get.
Barricade on San Lorenzo Road.  My guess is it's less than a mile from the park entrance.
The road just before it disappears. The shadows of the very tall trees hide even the biggest potholes! The 'shadow' up ahead is really this:
I guess the section of road that slid down is about 70 yards. You can't really get the perspective of the damage on these photos; it's like when I try to send photos of some of the waves we encounter at sea--they all look like they're flat in photos when in reality they were monsters.
The opposite side. It's amazing to me that the road washed out because it seemed to be on a flat area and not on any slopes. It's hard to tell due to the foliage, obviously. Glad I wasn't driving on it when it went.  Glyn said there is a car at the Fort and the owner can't get it out. Maybe he has by now though because a semi-circle has been cut at the side of the road connecting the two sides. It's dirt and muddy, but a desperate person might try to drive it. I'm sure it will soon be cleared of roots and shoots, and side trees trimmed and have gravel added for a temporary solution.

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