Fall Photos

Sept 24, 2012
Lots of thunder, lightening and rain last night. From yesterday morning to this morning 2.3 inches rain.  I'm too lazy to write much, so I'll post some shots taken from the past few days.
Above:  Cyllopoda sp.? Moth
Don't know the ID of the above moth, but I have a request for ID on the Bird Forum, maybe someone will be able to ID it.
Glyn, from the s/v Dignity, and I went for a walk down the steps from Fort Lorenzo to Turtle Beach.  She was ahead of me and came upon this gorgeous butterfly, an Andromeda Satyr.  She got a few good shots before I came bumbling in and scared it off.  It was too pretty not to post, so I asked Glyn if I could post her shot. Thanks, Glyn.
Adelpha sp? Worn Out Sister?
I found this Green Baby on the road, so I got it to the side. A car came buy right after that. Poor thing would have been a goner. Isn't he great!
Another Greeny.

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