Kingbirds and Migrating Warblers

Sept.10, 2011

On Aug. 30, I saw my first Eastern Kingbirds of the season.  I'd say there were six or seven and they had taken their usual spot at the tops of the palms.  Today there were over a hundred and less were on the tops of the palms; most were perched in the trees. They are restless birds and spend a lot of time re-positioning.  This evening, flocks of up to twenty-five migrated from tree to tree; landing, letting go, landing again, flying to another tree and having four or five go along, then five or six more then the rest straggled in. Then off to another tree. It was the end of the day and I suppose they were trying to find the safest, more comfortable place in an unfamiliar town, but boy were they ever restless. The Easterns don't stay here long, they go farther south fairly quickly.  I suppose I'll see several waves come in and go out before they are gone for the season.   A few Gray Kingsbirds were here this week also, a pair of them were in the mangroves at the edge of the last dock in the marina.
Gray Kingbird
Four Easterns in the palm fruit. As I watched, a dozen birds flew in and out of this cluster.
Partial Yellow Warbler ;)
 Still trying to get a decent shot of a Prothonotary.
I stayed in the immediate area around the marina today because rain was imminent. I walked around the old parking lots (?) near the hard-stand and went around Kennedy Loop. Another migrant that seemed to be everywhere today were Yellow Warblers.  I must have seen 70 of them. Every once in awhile, two or three Prothonotary Warblers would be with them, probably 25 or so this week. I have also seen Black and White Warblers a few times.  On the ninth, I saw the first Northern Water Thrush, no doubt they will be here in good numbers in the next few days. I love them--they are like tiny, intricately patterned sandpipers, bobbing their tails on their 'beaches' of wet fringes on the verge of the jungle. 
In my excitement of the migrants' arrival, I didn't notice what's missing.  It dawned on me the other day that I had not seen the Short-tailed Swifts for awhile. Where are they?  More reading.............
My problem is I'd rather be out in the jungle 'hunting' than on the boat reading and writing. I am spending a lot of time below with the rains recently, but I have had no desire to blog lately.  I get on the computer and play bridge or hearts instead. 

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