Black-breasted Puffbird

Sept. 27, 2012

Glyn and I walked the dock road in San Lorenzo N.P. today at about 10:00 a..m. and I got lifer #948: Black-breasted Puffbird.
The bird is about eight inches and is another "fairly common" bird that I am just now seeing after, what, two years? ;) Like the hobby too much to give it up no matter how bad I am at it! Maybe it is just not as common in the Fort Sherman area as opposed to the N.P. itself. It's similar to the bigger, White-necked Puffbird, which I have seen on three occasions.
We saw a few new butterflies and I saw a Great Crested Flycatcher and a Wood-warbler I didn't see long enough to ID. Very dark, mottled thing.
I've marked the dirt (muddy) road in red.  It comes off San Lorenzo Rd.  We park the car in a flat area off San Lorenzo and walk to the river.
I've marked the map above with red for Tortuga Beach Road (dirt), Green=San Lorenzo Road (paved), Yellow, the Fishing Dock Road (dirt).
From Marina to Fort San Lorenzo.  Yellow line is apprx. 9K.
This was another unidentified butterfly on my blog until November when Nick Morgan sent a comment (below) which solved the mystery. The butterfly is a Thisbe irenea. Many thanks, again, Nick. You can check out Nick's butterfly blog which he writes from Scotland here: 
Wings closed in photo below.
Then, closer to the river, we saw the butterfly pictured below. It was similar but had blue-gray on it and less pronounced spots on the forewing. Male/female of the same butterfly as the one pictured above.


  1. Sue,
    Those are beautiful pictures of the mystery butterfly. I was completely stumped with it, but I have been searching the internet and how about Thisbe irenea, a kind of metalmark? I am pretty sure that, as you suggest, you have a male and a female there. I'm glad I found it - it was driving me mad!!

  2. Hi Nick,
    Thanks so much for the ID. Sorry to get back so late, I just noticed your comment. It didn't show on my gmail for some reason and I found it by accident when I went to my 'posts' to delete one. I saw that this post had a comment waiting for moderation. Blogger doesn't seem to be working well for me lately. Thanks again, I will update the blog with the new ID. It was a tough one and I gave up :).