A Rarity for Panama--Black-whiskered Vireo

 September 4, 2012
Diablo Creek
The migrants are arriving and the birding is fun.  I never know what I will see when I go out.  I believe I have seen an Empid, but can't swear to it, it disappeared into the trees over a stream and I couldn't find him again. 
I did find a Black-whiskered Vireo in with about half a dozen Red-eyed Vireos and a mixed flock of other birds.  They were in the trees over-hanging what I call Diablo Creek (small river that flows out to Diablo Beach). 
From what I could gather, there has only been a few Black-whiskered seen in Panama, the last being in 2002. I reported it to the Smithsonian and Audubon Panama. The report was put on the Xenornis web sight for rare bird sightings in Panama:  http://www.xenornis.com/
Male Blue Dacnis
Skipper:  Astraptes sp.  (elorus?)
Tres amigos.  Sliders basking on a fallen log in Diablo Creek.
 Emerald Cattleheart, closed and open
Parides sesotris


  1. Sue
    Have been jealous of your continued time in Panama, but recently realizing how good the birds are around Bundaberg. Up to 73 species IN this locale.
    Were you lucky enough to see the thick knees or bush stone curlew?
    We are finally going south inside Fraser Island, and will take a few months to get back to Melb with a rejuvenated Jacana - new engine, rerigged etc. Say g'day to Gene

    1. Hi Dan,
      Sorry I'm so late in getting back after posting your comment, been a little crazy around here.
      I can't believe you guys are still in Bundy (well, I can--I loved it there). I guess doing all that work on Jacana would take time. Peregrine needs so much it's pitiful; will have to wait till we're home, it's too hard to get things done here and now that the new boat yard is in, it's too expensive! Don't know if you met your fellow Aussies on Virgo's Child. I think they are due in to Bundy with the P2P rally. Another one finishes a circumnavigation and we have become a coral reef. I'm not sure I can cast the lines at this point!
      Enjoy your trip south. Did you go for a visit to Fraser Island while you were in Bundy? Neat place! Saw a White-cheeked Honeyeater there, and of course, dingoes. Yes, I was lucky enough to see both Beach and Bush Stone Curlews, but not in Bundy. What gorgeous things! Believe or not, I saw the Bush Stone Curlew in the car park at the Jupiter Casino in Townsville :) I saw the Beach Stone on Great Kepple. I hope to get back to Oz one day. I would love to get a caravan and see WA. So much to see and one foot in the bucket!
      Thanks for the post. I'll email!

  2. Amazing pictures of beautiful butterflies and birds.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thanks. The life in this jungle is amazing and I always feel like I'm on a treasure hunt. We only have a few months before moving on. This place has become home and I will miss it. Got some new butterflies a few evening ago, but it was too dark for photos and they are all crap! I think they are good enough for ID. Haven't had time to study them yet. Thanks for popping in.