The Lure of Butterflies

There are days when the birds aren't out.  I'm not sure what happens on those days. Something happening somewhere else in the jungle? A day of rest? At any rate, sometimes it just seems dead.   On those days, butterflies become a bigger focus than usual and I find myself looking at and photographing even the tiny bland things. Some of the butterflies here are amazingly beautiful and when I got a good shot, I posted them on a blog post I called,  'Butterflies of Fort Sherman/San Lorenzo Panama'.  Pretty soon, the amount of photos began to get unwieldy. A fellow sailor here who has become addicted to digitally collecting butterflies finally separated hers into families and posted them as 'pages'. I checked things out and found I could have 'pages' too and followed her excellent idea. I can't tell you how many nights I was up putting butterflies into albums, but I can tell you the time was nothing compared to identifying them. Today, I decided I won't bother with the species anymore. They're driving me crazy and  I'm afraid most of what I've done is wrong. I'm simply going to post genus or even family and leave it at that.
The 'Sisters' did me in. A year or so ago I found and identified my first sister: Band-celled Sister, Adelpha fessonia . Everything was good and I was proud of myself for finding her in the 10,000 photographs of  butterflies in Central America. I didn't know a Hesperiidae from a Pieridae and I prevailed! At least I duped myself into believing that.  This week I saw the sister again. This time, I looked more carefully because while I was home I found a California Sister, Adelpha californica, and I realized there were a whole lot of 'sisters' out there.  So, I spend an hour trying to get a photograph of the Sister and download it with the other butterflies, bugs, birds, plants and whatever I collected on my Sony. I crop and shrink and sharpen the photo and have it on my screen when I go online to one of the butterfly sites. One of the butterflies that comes up looks like today's sister; Band-celled Sister.  I compare it to my photo--not it--the Band-celled's white stripe goes all the way to the top of the wing and mine doesn't. I continue to google and find her--Pointer Sister. Are you kidding me? Pointer Sister? I resist the urge to google and find out if the Pointer Sisters named themselves after a butterfly or the butterfly was named after them or they both just happen to be called Pointer Sisters. I have too much to analyze without looking at a portfolio of the Pointer Sisters.
Now I go back to post it on my new compartmentalized Brushfoot Album and see that my Band-celled Sister is actually a Pointer Sister; the white on my older sister doesn't go all the way to the edge of the wing. How did I miss that? Maybe I'm wrong again.

I go back to the net and find a list of Sisters; Gaudy Sister, Erotia Sister, Cloistered, Lost.  By now it's 3:00 in the morning and I can't think, but before I turn off the computer, I check out my friend's blog to see how she made out with photos and ID's. She's got what looks like my Pointer Sister listed as a Spot Cell Sister.

I went back to my Brushfoot Album and wrote a disclaimer advising anyone looking to ignore all the names. I would have gone back on line to find if what I had was a Spot Cell after all, but I was beyond tired and I was afraid I' find that what we both had was a Twisted Sister.

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