Spotted Antbird, Various Butterflies

July 20, 2012
It's really nice having a car; no wonder they're so popular. I can get into the San Lorenzo National Park and Chagres River so quickly now. The Chagres is 9K away, and it is just too far to walk and get back before dark (or rain).  I have walked to it and ridden a bike a few times, but if you're birding it can hours to go a few miles because of the constant stops and long waits. Most of my walks the past few years have been in the area just my side of the entrance to San Lorenzo National Park. There's a lot to see without going into the park proper, but the park has some wilder areas and it's nice to explore.
This map shows my usual stomping grounds. The yellow star indicates the beginning of the Park. With the car, I have time to walk several roads and paths in the park. 
Map is most definitely NOT to scale. :)
Close up of San Lorenzo Road where it splits to go to the dock or to the Fort.

Today, Glyn from Dignity and I walked the Dock Road and the Road to Nowhere (second map posted). The Road to Nowhere is my name for an overgrown track that can be interesting. It was a beautiful day today and both roads offered more activity than we've had for awhile. July hasn't exactly been a stellar month far as birding goes; been kinda dead around here. I got a lifer today with a Spotted Antbird, and we got quite a few butterflies. Glyn probably had most of them already, but I addded some new species.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.
Male Dot-winged Antwren
Female Spotted Antbird
Two-barred Flasher!  I love the name!
It was a glorious day and we got back just as the rain began to fall. We both commented on the fact we would have gotten a soaking if we hadn't had the car. Thanks again, Jedi!

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