Spotted Antbird and Howler Monkey Videos

  While I was trying to hear and see Lifer#943--Spotted Antbird, the Howlers were carrying on big time.  I heard a car stop on San Lorenzo Road and heard voices echoing in the jungle and I guess that's why the monkeys were so pissed off.  The only thing they seem to like less than cars are motorcycles. The road is about two hundred meters from the dirt track where we were and still the monkeys were bugged.
  I'm posting a couple of very short videos to illustrate my day.
  I took the video of the Howler when I heard him start grunting.  I knew what was coming and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show off one of my noisy neighbors.  Twenty minutes later and down the road a bit I heard soft calls in the understory that I had never heard before.  I was trying to locate the birds and the damn Howler wouldn't shut up.  I don't know if there were still people on the road or what the problem was.  I bird around Howlers all the time and they are usually quiet unless a car goes by.  The Capuchin Monkeys always get irritated when I bird near them.  They aren't too noisy, but they stand in the trees and glare and shake the branches or break off pieces and throw them down.
  The first video posted is of the Howler when he first start to howl.  I took the second because I thought it might be nice to get a video of a female Spotted Antbird calling and hanging out near a swarm of Army ants.  The birds wait for bugs to flee the ants and then they snag them up.  Both videos are short--less than a minute I think, which is good because you'd get seasick if they were longer. I apologize for the zooming and the noise it makes.  I don't video much and I was trying to get the image to sharpen.

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