San Lorenzo National Park Panama July 7, 2012

The day started with full cloud cover and threatening rain, but as the morning went on the sun came out.  Glyn (from s/v Dignity, South Africa) and I left the marina at 11:45 and birded and butterflied until 3:00. It started to rain when we got back to the marina. We went into the National Park. We were going to walk the road to the fishing dock (near the Fort) and also Tortuga Road to the beach, but we spent the whole time on the Dock Road.  It was very busy and it was hard to focus on one bird with calls and movement happening everywhere.  I don't think I missed much, but you never know in a bird boil. Sometimes, when out birding you can suddenly stumble into an area that has multiple species jumping and flitting and calling and you don't know where to look first.  I call that phenomenon a bird boil because at sea, when multitudes of fish show up and leap and thrash Gene calls it a fish boil.  I have been told by a birder on Bird Forum that it's called a bird wave, but I have called it a boil for so long that I still think of it as that.  When I have the opportunity to spend time with other birders, I suppose I'll have to learn the lingo.  Right now, I still have a few hundred unfamiliar bird species to learn about as I make my way home.
I heard an owl and a beautiful flute call that I need to ID. What I did see:
Fasciated Antshrikes, White-flanked Antwrens, White-shouldered Tanagers, Dot-winged Antwrens, Western Slaty Antshrike, Plain Xenops, Woodcreeper (same one I saw on the 4th--I just don't think it's a Cocoa--it stayed low and deep in the forest and I can't decide what I'm seeing.  It's also got such a different call than the usual long explosive one--it's probably a Cocoa in mating mode call but I think it could be a Streak-headed), Checker-throated Antwren and a Hummer--Violet Bellied?
Birds seen on the walk but not in the boil were Chestnut-headed Oropendola, a flock of Caciques that I didn't see well--probably Scarlet-rumped, Bay Wrens, Brown Pelicans, Green Kingfisher.  We drove so I didn't get the usual common birds around the marina except those seen on the way to the car:  Gray-breasted Martins, Great-tailed Grackle, Black Vulture, Mangrove Swallow, Great Kiskadee and Tropical Mockingbird.
Female Fasciated Antshrike
Female Dot-winged Antwren
We saw some familiar butterflies and few new butterflies but were unable to get photos or ID all of them.
I think I found a female Giant Sicklewing. I recently ID'd the male after having the photo for about a year and a half!
Female Giant Sicklewing??

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