Finally Identified an Alder Flycatcher in Panama

I encountered my first Willow and/or Alder Flycatchers last fall and tried to ID them.  I got all kinds of great views and some pretty good photos and spent hours looking for them and watching them but was not able to ID them.  I never heard a call and it is considered essential to hear the call for a reliable ID.  A few things I read suggested that they might not call on the fall migration but could be heard on the Northward trip, so I really put in the effort to find and hear them this spring. I have listened to bird calls on xeno canto and Cornell's site until I have so many whits, peps, tu-wees, bree-bos, pee-wees in my head that I hear them in my dreams--and I still can't tell which bird is making which wrep. I am covered in tick welts, mozzie bumps and chigger rashes and have slathered on gallons of anti-itch cream and swallowed enough Benedryl to keep the company afloat. I have been out for hours everyday and come back with throbbing feet and a throbbing head from being par-broiled. Getting up early combined with my habitual insomia has left me exhausted, but, finally, I have identified an Alder Flycatcher.  I can now give up birding and good riddance to an unhealthy and aggravating pastime.
Two short videos; the first one of the Alder calling, the second video doesn't have a call, but the image of the bird is better.

Thanks to BirdForum for ID confirmation.

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