Willow Flycatcher ? Calling on Video

May 8, 2012
I found an Empid today and I got good views and heard it well. It had an almost squeaky quality to the  'whit' and I decided I had a Willow. I was able to get a very short video of the bird with a few whits on it. I put it on the net, but didn't get a response. I may try a few other sites and see what happens. The video may not be good enough for ID.  You have to turn up the volumn to hear it call.


That was the only Empid or Wood-pewee I saw today, and I was surprised to find it.  We've had light southerlies for two mornings in a row and I thought they would have used that and the light from the super moon to have a few fairly easy red-eye flights.

Other migrants today included a warbler and several Red-eyed Vireos.  The warbler was high in dense foliage and I only got a grey head and yellow undertail coverts before it took off.

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