Thumbs Up for Grupo Unidos por el Canal

Employees of the Canal Expansion Group releasing critters into their new home.
Some of you might remember my post about my getting Boat-billed Herons as a lifer.  It was a bitter-sweet addition to my life list.  I saw the birds very well because they were concentrated in a small area due to habitation upheaval:;postID=8306771571733379909

The construction at that site has nothing to do with the new canal expansion project.  Too bad.  If it did, the wildlife would have been treated differently. 
Releasing what I think is a White-lipped Mud Turtle; I didn't think to ask what the turtle species was and I didn't see that it wasn't a Slider until I looked at my photos.
We've rented a car for a week and this morning, Glyn and I drove into the San Lorenzo National Park to bird and butterfly. The first side-track off San Lorenzo Road we took was the road to the fishing dock.  We both love that walk.
We had been down to the Chagres River and were headed back to the car when a truck drove up and stopped.  Three people got out and we soon learned that they were from the Environmental Department of the Grupo Unidos por el Canal; the contractor responsible for the design and construction of the Canal Expansion.
They had some cages in the back of the truck and they were releasing animals displaced by construction.  They were friendly and thank heavens they spoke excellent English.  Glyn's Spanish is pretty good, but I still struggle. They allowed us to tag along and watch the releases. 
There were Iguanas (black and green), a boa constrictor, a Rainbow Boa, a Nine-banded Armadillo, and what I think was a White-lipped Mud Turtle.  I'm a bit confused by the Rainbow Boa.  I looked on my San Lorenzo Protected Area list and found only two Boas for this area:  Boa Constrictor (Boa Constrictor) and Annulated Tree Boa (Corallus annulatus).  However, I did find Rainbow Boa to be in Panama, so I'm not sure what the snake is. At any rate, I was happy to see that the animals are being considered in the canal construction and these employees were great! They seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in their job. Well done, guys.
Baby Boa
No wonder I never see these except as flattened road kill.
Free at last! The Rainbow Boa in it's new home.

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