Kiskadees Fledge

April 23, 2012
I am so far behind in my writing. I had a car for the week of April 13th-20th was out exploring. I was up early to drive to sites I can't get to by foot in the early hours and I was out at nights looking for Potoos. I didn't feel like writing things up when I got home and now I'm paying for it. There is too much stuff in my head and I've been too lazy to organize it and get it written up. It's raining today so I'm forcing myself to post something. I'll start with the Kiskadee family, they fledged on April 9, 2012. That date rings a bell....Oh! Gene's and my 29th anniversary. 
If you click to enlarge, you can see a tiny, open mouth in the nest.
Parent feeding nestlings. Photos taken March 25, 2012.
On April 2, I could clearly see two nestlings and they were getting pretty big for the nest.
April 5, 2012. It took some coaxing from the parents to get the chicks to venture out.
On Easter Sunday, the Kiskadees nestlings came out of their nest and flew. I was out birding and missed it. I was so worried they'd flunk their first flying lesson and fall into the bay, but according to Terry and Jerry on Gymnopedies, they did fine.  Gymnopedies is moored next to Ishmael where the birds have their nest. I don't know how long they were out, but when I checked on them that evening, one was back in the nest and the other returned later according to Terry and Jerry.

The next morning I took a look and saw one of the fledglings trying to get up the nerve to come out as mother coaxed it on. I couldn't stay to see it emerge and fly because the shuttle into town was leaving in five minutes and I had to be on it. I couldn't believe that fate wasn't going to allow me this simple pleasure after watching them and cleaning up after them for so long. If I had only been going to town for groceries, I would have stayed with the birds, but I had a dentist appointment and had to get the bus; timing is everything. 

I checked the nest when I got back from town and no one was home. Tom was aboard Ishmael for the next few days and there was no activity at the nest. He removed it three days after the chicks fledged.

This week the Kiskadees were back and started building again.  I removed what they started and put plastic bags over the anchor.  Tom has plans to sail the San Blas Islands and I thought it would be kinder to stop the process before eggs were laid.

They have now moved over to the next yacht.  The owner were aboard when the birds started construction and weren't happy about it, but allowed things to go on.  The owners live in Panama City and only come to their boat occasionally so I guess the birds will be ok.

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