Kiskadee Family Update--Nestlings

The Kiskadees on the sailing vessel, Ishmael, are doing well.  Both parents are busy feeding the nestling(s). I took a photo from the finger a boat away and after cropping and blowing up, got an image. You can see the bill and bright yellow gape.
Tom, the owner of the boat, has a house here in Panama and doesn't live on the boat.  He comes down every week or so to stay on the boat and hang out.  He came by this morning to ask how long the birds would be there because they are making a mess on the boat.  I told him it should be three weeks from hatching to fledging.  We're not really sure when the egg(s) hatched.  He said this was the first time he's had poop everywhere.  I told him I thought that was because now, male and female are staying close and feeding.  He said he didn't want to be mean, but he had to hose down the boat.  He did a good job without getting the nest wet and even though he was on the foredeck, the adults fed the chicks.  I told him I would do a daily clean-up to spare him a heavy mess next visit.  I will also remove the nest when the chicks leave so Tom can have his boat back.

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