Spring Is In the Air

The forest has been alive with the calls of several species of Trogons.
February 4, 2012
There is a lot of procreation stuff going on in the jungle right now. Mating calls, nest building, and very young birds already out. I came upon a pair of mating Violet-bellied Hummingbirds yesterday and felt bad because they flew off still joined. Poor little guy, that must have really hurt!
Young House Wren
I have been watching a small colony of Chestnut-headed Oropendolas.  It seemed that one day they were stripping strips off live palm leaves and the next their nests were hanging. Yellow-rumped Caciques hang out with them and provide lots of sound.
Chestnut-headed Oropendolas and nest.
Yellow-headed Gecko
 A pair of Yellow-headed geckos (Gonatodes albigularis fuscus) were interacting in this old drainage system tunnel. You can usually find these guys in shady crevasses in rotting trees or in the drainage system tunnels found throughout the Fort Sherman area.
Even the spiders are active. They are suddenly tons of the big Golden Silk spiders about; I guess they are about four inches across. Not a good time to feel a spider web on the face or arm. There is a fellow cruiser here that is an excellent photographer with a good camera and lenses. Her name is Jose, off the sailing vessel, Jedi. She enjoys shooting insects with a macro, so I asked if I could post some of her bug photos. The first link is to one of the spiders I just mentioned and the second link is to her and her husband, Nick's photo page. There are some good shots of lots of things. Enjoy.


Even the plants are reproducing.
I added a Long-tailed Hermit to my life list today. It's been two months since I added a lifer to my list and this one was worth the wait. Unfortunately, it was evening and I didn't get a photo.

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