Great Kiskadee's New Yacht

February 5, 2012
More nesting going on--very close to home. The Great Kiskadees that nested in our wind vane last year have moved to Ismael, a boat a few down from us on the dock.  I heard one of them calling as I walked down the dock and got my bins on him. I saw the yellow on his crown and  got some shots because you don't often see the Kisskadees display their 'mohawk'.  I took about five shots and wondered what the show was all about. He seemed to have the crown up when I saw him, so I didn't think it was me agitating him.  When I put the camera down, I noticed the nest built in Tom's anchor.  I guess that was what the head display was all about and maybe he did start the display when he saw me. As I was backing off, I saw the female fly from the nest. I don't know if there are eggs yet. I'll keep an eye on them if I can without bugging them. The owners of the boat have a home at Lake Gatun and come out quite often. They're in for a surprise!  The birds should be ok because I don't think Ishmael is going anywhere in the near future.
To be continued.

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