Feb. 10 2012 San Lorenzo Road

It was a gorgeous day today and I decided to walk the San Lorenzo Road.  I left at 8:45 and returned at 12:45.  It started to rain before I got to the fork in the road to Kennedy Loop or San Lorenzo, so I walked back to the marina and stood in the shelter of the work shop area until the rain stopped.  It was a short sprinkle and the 12 knots or so of wind blew the rain clouds in the direction I was walking and left clear blue skies overhead. It was fairly cool by Fort Sherman standards at 79 degrees F/26 C. 
As usual, the Gray-Breasted Martins and Black Vultures were the first birds sighted. I heard the Great Kiskadees who have built a nest on Ishmael, but I didn't go check them out.  Three Mangrove Swallows flew back and forth between the marina bay and the edge of the forest.
A few images from the road:
The usual suspects were out today, but I did note some Collared Swifts and they are the first I've seen this year. I saw them in the clearing above the road so I don't know exactly how many, but the most I saw at one time was eight.
I will post a February species count at the end of the month
A few fish photos from the 'aquarium' that surrounds my home:

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