My Second First: Clay-colored Sparrow

December 3, 2011 Afternoon
Historic Fort San Lorenzo with the Chagres River in the background.
I wanted to take advantage of my time with a car and I knew I could drive the almost traffic free
San Lorenzo Road without having a nervous breakdown, so at 4:00 p.m., I left Gene to play cards and drove to Fort San Lorenzo. It's 9K from the marina.  I have only walked it once and ridden a bike twice. If I had a good bike, I would do it more often, but it's not fun on the fold-up type. If I hadn't had the car, I wouldn't have been able to go at the end of the day and I wouldn't have seen the Clay-colored Sparrow at the ruins. A first for Panama, and my second first.  I got confirmation on Surfbirds. Thank-you, again, Chris Benesh.  It's a pretty distinctive bird and even though I had never seen one (#925), I knew I had identified it correctly, but I had to get confirmation; it's not supposed to be here.  After confirmation, I emailed George Angehr of the Smithsonian Institute here and Darien Montanez of Xenornis. The Southern range of the bird is Chiapis, Mexico, so given our location, the idea that the bird might have been a stow-away on a ship was mentioned. I got four terrible shots.  Here is the best one:
Clay-colored Sparrow

The Xenornis post:

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