Common Yellowthroat

It rained all day today so I went through pictures and caught up on some things I had questions about.  One of those things was a bird I saw yesterday while watching a pair of  Common Yellowthroats. It looked like a Common Yellowthroat, but I didn't see any white around the mask. I looked up Common Yellowthroats and was surprised to find that it is rare here.  I have seen them three times that I remember; once last year and twice this year. Last year I saw a pair a Playa Diablo. I really didn't think much of it. They are common at home, and I just added it to my Panama list without looking anything up--Oh, that old thing? At the time, I thought they were building a nest. If memory serves, I think he had nesting material in his bill. I'm kicking myself now, but then, I was too interested in other things. I remember they were noisy and seemed to want to distract me.  I don't even know what the date was. I did try to get a picture or two, but they were bad.  I don't know if I deleted or not.  I'll go through and hopefully I'll find them and I will get a date.  EDIT:  Found the photos--December 29, 2010.
Ridgely mentions that small numbers are regularly seen on both sides of the canal.  My book is a 1984 edition so I thought maybe the Yellowthroats aren't so rare anymore?  I went online and found a Panama bird list on Wikipedia.  It lists them as A (accidental).  That can't be right.  I looked at the bottom of the page and it was updated April, 2011.

There is a Yellowthroat without white--Olive-crowned Yellowthroat, but it is only known in Bocas Del Toro.  I wanted to go back today and see if I could find it again, but it rained all day.  I saw it in the evening yesterday so most likely I just didn't see it well enough to see the white. I saw a male Common Yellowthroat at the same time a few feet away very well. The female was across the road near the other little run-off creek.

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