Juvenile Hawks at Fort Sherman Panama

Juvenile Savanna Hawk
Juvenile Savanna Hawk
Juvenile Common Black-Hawk

So I go on BirdForum to post some migration stuff and the post meanders. One of the members posts a vacation report he wrote for Panama after I had asked some questions about Pipeline Road.  In the report he mentions a Savanna Hawk he sighted between Colon and the Gatun Locks.  What? 
Last year, I saw what I thought was a juvenile Savanna Hawk on one of my walks.  I got fairly good shots of it and after reading my field guide, went on line to see images of juveniles. They were similar in many ways to juvenile Common Black-hawks, a very common bird in my jungle yard.  The Savanna would be unusual, so I conned myself into believing I had a Common Black-hawk. Now, someone says he saw one close to my neck of the woods.  I go through my photos and find last November's photos.of the bird. I search images again and read the guide again and think I do have a Savanna! I wanted confirmation though, so I put some photos on the ID forum and got confirmation. Lifer#915 Many thanks to the knowledgeable birders on the site.

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