Panama: Wood-Warblers and a Woody

Tennessee Warbler
October 18, 2011
I got a few responses on Birdforum regarding the Willow/Alder Flycatcher, both were for POSSIBLE Willow.  Not strong enough for me to list. Also, on the youtube video, someone left a message saying there was a Willow at 1:11. He/she also named the other birds on the tape. I was impressed and amazed by the skill of this person. Still, I'm leaving the bird off the list for now. I continue to look at them and listen, but there are other birds and wildlife to observe; some I can even ID!
Female Thick-billed Euphonia
On Sunday, I went for a walk on the San Lorenzo road, and it was jumpin'.  I got three Lifers: Canada Warbler and Blue-winged x Golden-winged Hybrid and Black-cheeked Woodpecker.  I have seen both wood-warblers before, but my views were too fleeting, or I had a white sky over the canopy blinding me as I looked up. I had great views today.  They are both really stunning birds. It was good to finally get the little blighters.  A first year Canada came down low and was fliting around a few feet from me.  I kept trying to get shots, but the camera wouldn't focus.  What the Hell?!! I should have been getting great shots!  The bird finally left the roadside and went deeper into the woods.  I looked at the camera and realized I had it set on 'food shot' setting rather than the low light setting I thought it was on.  That's what I get for a joking around on the The Twitching Sailor about our cuisine compared to the floating epicureans on Jacana. I took pictures of our Chile Verde dinner. Oh well.
A few other nice birds out the last few days:
Black-striped Sparrow
Female White-tailed Trogon
Red-throated Ant-tanager
Female White-shoouldered Tanager
Female Red-capped Manakin

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