The Little Tyrants of Fort Sherman

October 6, 20011
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 It is not always easy to see the little guys in the forest. Many times they are up in the canopy and if there is cloud cover I often can't see anything but white glare. I have only knowingly seen the Paltry Tyrannulet (Zimmerius vilissimus) twice. The bird is also known as the Misletoe Tyrannulet, which I think is a much nicer name.  It is only four inches long, has pale irises and no wing-bars so ID is not as difficult as many of the Tyrants can be. I think the MISTLETOE Tyrannulet is a beautiful little bird and I was so happy to get these shots.  It was weird that so many of the flycatchers I saw on the day I got this shot (October 2, 2011) had their tail feathers spread, sure made a pretty picture.
Another tiny tyrant is the Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher. I was out fairly early this morning and got a few shots of one.  This guy is only about three and a half inches long and his coloration makes for another easy ID.  I got Lifer #900 today! It was another small flycatcher--Olivaceous Flatbill.  At six inches he's a bit bigger.  I saw him well but was unable to get a good shot due to lighting, sometimes it's just too dark in the forest for good shot.
 Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher, an apt name.
All the birds mentioned in this post were found on the San Lorenzo Road in the Fort Sherman area of Central Panama.

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